Electric actuated butterfly valves

Electric actuated butterfly valves

The electric actuated butterfly valve is a cheaper solution then the ball- and knife gate valve, but it is just as durable if you choose the right seat type (NBR, EPDM, PTV, PTFE etc.).

The electric butterfly valve is a high quality product which is why you find it in most applications today. The design of the butterfly valve makes it faster at closing compared to a ball valve, and at the same time no particles can be clustered behind the closing mechanism. It works by having a disc centered in the middle of the valve connected to a rod, the rod extending up to the electrical actuator, which opens and closes the valve by turning the rod a quarter turn.  

 Because of the disc inside the valve you will never have a full flow like the knife gate valve.

Materials used for the production of the valve are either: cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile iron and PP and PVC. DN range goes from 32DN to 600DN bigger on request.   

Consult us for guidance in size, choice of the right type of seat, material for the appropriate media and for mounting instructions.