Electric actuated knife gate valves

Electric actuated knife gate valves

The electric actuated knife gate valve is used where there isn´t a lot of space for the dimensions and if you want a high quality and secure valve. The electric actuated part makes it an excellent choice if you want to make stepless adjustment to the flow of your valve, and it also have an on / off option.

Electric actuated knife gate valves are used by all who wants to regulate the flow inside the valve, and it is most commonly used in piping system in the industry where air isn’t available.      

At we manufacture our own knife gate valves and mount it with electric actuators from France or Spain. We have a sort delivery time with actuators mounted on valves, assembly on own workshop, max 8 days from order.

 Materials used for the production of the valve are either: cast iron or stainless steel. DN range goes from 50DN to 400DN or bigger on request.    

Consult us for guidance in size, choice of the right type of seat, material for the appropriate media and for mounting instructions.