Safety valves

Safety valve

It is used as Extra safety for relief valve, such as boiler plants, tank farms. It is commonly used by Power plants, wastewater treatment plant and biogas plant.

How does it work? The safety valve is adjusted until the desired pressure, for example 5 bar or more. When this is exceeded then the valve opens. The valve still works after the pressure has dropped again. (Not a onetime use valve) must be serviced 1-2 times a year.

At we deal with safety valves manufactured in France.   

Materials used for the production of flanged safety valves are, Cast iron or Ductile iron with an inlet range from 20DN to 150DN. In the threaded department we have brass, stainless steel with an inlet DN ranged from 3/8"DN to 2" DN, bigger on request.

Consult us for guidance in size, material for the appropriate media and adjustment of the control valve to the desired opening pressure of the flow in the pipe system.