Check valves

Check valve

There are a lot of different types of check valves at The general function of the valve is that they only allow fluids to run in one direction. The spring, or also called a ball check valve, seals the valve without having reverse flow. It can do this because it is mounted to a spring that pushes the ball back and makes a sealing. A swing check valve works by having a disk instead of a ball closing the valve. The swing type is also more commonly used when a large check valve is used.

At we deal with springs in, stainless steel, that are threaded. They have range from 1/4"DN to 4"DN. Welding in stainless steel with a range from 8DN to 100DN.

Our swings are made of Stainless steel with a range of 1/4"DN to 2"DN and in cast iron with a range from 40DN to 200DN. Bigger on request.                

Consult us for guidance in the right type of check valve, size, accessories and application.